AGFACTS Newsbrief Summary – May 2017

    • The four-quarter moving total of South African agricultural machinery sales (2017Q1) is currently R8.48  billion, 3.1% up the figure of R8.22 billion a year ago.
    • The third production estimate for commercial maize for the 2016/2017 season is 14.536 million tons. This is 86.9% more than in the 2015/2016 production season.
    • The overall trend in the year-on-year price increases (smoothed) of agricultural machinery has stabilised. The current overall year-on-year trend in price increases (smoothed) is 0.1%, down on the April figure of 1.3%.
    • Year-to-date tractor sales (April) are currently 3.7% down on those for the same period last year.
    • The AGFACTS Tractor Sales Index is currently 0.99. The short-term trend in tractor sales continues to be downwards.