AGFACTS Agricultural Machinery Price Comparisons – White Book

This is a monthly report.   It covers tractors, combine harvesters and attachments, hay and forage machinery, planters, fertilizer spreaders and spray equipment.   The publication contains detailed pricing analyses on equipment within each of these categories of equipment.

Features of the White Book:

Agricultural machinery products included in the White Book:

  • Tractors – over 380 individual models from 21 manufacturers,
  • Combine Harvesters – PTO and self-propelled combine harvesters, wheat headers, pick-ups and maize snapperheads,
  • Hay and Forage Machinery – rectangular, “big”, and round balers, mowers, mower conditioners, fingerwheel and PTO-powered hayrakes and forage harvesters, and
  • Implements – precision planters, seed drills, mounted and trailed fertilizer spreaders, mounted and trailed pressure sprayers and mist blowers.

2018 Subscription Details:

The white Book is available with all the above categories, or in sections, covering only the categories or combinations of categories in which a client may be interested.   These latter reports are proportionately less expensive than the full report.   Please contact AGFACTS for the prices of these individualised reports.   The inclusive price shown includes VAT (Value Added Tax) at the current rate of 14%.

Number of Copies Exclusive Price, R/month Inclusive Price, R/month
First copy (full report) 1 350.00 1 539.00
Second to tenth copies 135.00 153.90
Additional copies 125.00 152.50

Subscriptions for groups of Branches, Dealers or Co-operatives will be mailed to individual addresses, if required, but will be charged at the “group” rate to take advantage of the lower rate for individual copies.   Normal postage within South Africa is included in the quoted price.   Where FastMail, airmail or overseas postage is required, this will be extra, at ruling postage rates.