SAAMA Press Release – December 2016

December 2016:  Tractor and Combine Harvester Sales

Retail sales of agricultural equipment during December 2016 were as follows:

Equipment Category Unit Sales Percentage change, % Unit Sales Percentage change, %
December – Month December – Year-to-date
2016 2015 2016 2015
Tractors 349 273 27.8 5 855 6 602 -11.3
Combine Harvesters 7 7 0.0 185 216 -14.4

December tractor sales of 349 units were significantly (almost 28%) more than the 273 units sold in December last year.   On a calendar year basis tractor sales for 2016 were approximately 11% down on those for 2015.   December combine harvester sales of 7 units were the same as the 7 units sold in December last year.   On a calendar year basis, 2016 combine harvester sales were approximately 14% down on those for 2015.

General summer rains have fallen over most of the country now and most farmers, even in the west which was dry for a time, have completed their planting.   Standing crops are looking good and market sentiment is positive.   What is required now is follow-up rains through to the end of February in order for the planted crops to realise their full yield potential.

Industry expectations for 2017 are that overall tractor sales should be at least as good as those in 2016.

Lucas Groenewald
Chairman: South African Agricultural Machinery Association

Contact: Mr. Lucas Groenewald (082) 804-8463 or Dr. Jim Rankin (011) 453-7249