SAAMA Press Release – January 2018

January 2018:  Tractor and Combine Harvester Sales

Retail sales of agricultural equipment during January 2018 were as follows:

Equipment Category Unit Sales Percentage change, % Unit Sales Percentage change, %
January – Month January – Year-to-date
2018 2017 2018 2017
Tractors 527 478 10.3 527 478 10.3
Combine Harvesters 8 16 -50.0 8 16 -50.0

January tractor sales of 527 units were significantly (10%) up on the 478 units sold in January last year.   January combine harvester sales of eight units were half of the 16 units sold in January last year.

As with December sales, January tractor sales were surprisingly good, indicating that the market is still positive.   There are currently several interacting factors affecting the agricultural and agricultural machinery industries.   Although good rains have fallen in many of the summer cropping areas, rain throughout the summer rainfall season has been patchy, leading to patchy crops.   Due to the lateness in rains in some areas, some farmers have planted sunflowers instead of maize.   Also affecting sales are the reluctance of banks to lend money to farmers to purchase capital equipment, high stock levels of crops carried over from last year, the current depressed crop prices and a stronger rand.   It is difficult to predict the effect of all these factors on equipment sales in the short term.   Nevertheless, industry forecasts for the 2018 calendar year are that tractor sales should be at least at similar levels to 2017 sales.

Lucas Groenewald
Chairman: South African Agricultural Machinery Association

Contact: Mr. Lucas Groenewald (082) 804-8463 or Dr. Jim Rankin (011) 453-7249