October 2023: Tractor and Combine Harvester sales

Retail sales of agricultural equipment during October 2023 were as follows:

Month - OctoberPercentage Change %Year-to-date - OctoberPercentage Change %
Tractors1 26885648.17 7476 46619.8
Combine Harvesters3445-24.432424432.8

2023                    2022            %                 2023           2022                  %

Tractors               1 031                    1 268             -18.7%          7 158           7 743              -7.6%

Combines               39                         34                14.7%             440              324               35.8%


October tractor sales of 1 031 units were almost 19% less than the 1 268 units sold in October last year.   On a year-to-date basis tractor sales are now approximately 8% down on last year.   Thirty-nine combine harvesters were sold in October, five more than the 34 units sold in October last year.   On a year-to-date basis combine harvester sales are now almost 36% more than last year.

Most summer and winter cropping areas have had at least three and up to five good rainfall years.   Current predictions are that, although fair planting rains have fallen already, rainfall in the summer cropping areas will now be below average, with the El Niño phenomenon taking effect.   This has resulted in farmers taking a more risk-averse stance on investing in agricultural machinery.   It is likely, therefore, that year-on-year comparative tractor sales will continue to show a downward trend in the next few months, after the excellent sales earlier in the year.

Industry forecasts for tractor sales for the 2023 calendar year are still that they will be between 10 and 15% down on last year.   It is expected that combine harvester for the 2023 calendar year will now be between 20 and 25% up on last year.

Tallie Giessing
Chairman: South African Agricultural Machinery Association

Contact: Tallie Giessing (082) 874-0449 or Dr. Jim Rankin (011) 453-7249