SAAMA Press Release – September 2021

SAAMA Press Release – September 2021


Retail sales of agricultural equipment during September 202 were as follows:

Month Percentage Year-to-date Percentage
September change September change
2021              2020       % 2021          2020        %
Tractors   724                561       29.1   5 382          4155        29.5
Combine Harvesters   21                    11      90.9    197            152        29.6

September tractor sales of 724 units were almost 30% more than the 561 units sold in September last year.   Year-to-date tractor sales are now also almost 30% up on last year.   Twenty-one combine harvesters were sold in September, ten units more than the eleven units sold in September last year.   On a year-to-date basis combine harvester sales are now almost 30% up on last year.

Market sentiment continues to be positive and commodity prices are holding up.   The early rains have led to some farmers, particularly in the east, beginning to plant summer crops.   Winter crop prospects are encouraging and this is reflected by good combine harvester sales in the Western Cape.   Industry forecasts for the remainder of the year indicate that tractor sales for the 2021 calendar should be between 15 and 20% up on last year.

Karel Munnik
Chairman: South African Agricultural Machinery Association

Contact: Mr. Karel Munnik (082) 412-2577 or Dr. Jim Rankin (011) 453-7249